Shotokan Karate of America

L.A. Dojo Practice Schedule

Classes are currently being held in the Westside Academy of Dance, 1711 Stewart Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90404. Maps are available here
Cost is $65/class though students can also pay through the Beach Ave. site.
The dojo has two locations (Inglewood and the Santa Monica address above). Training can occur at both locations for a single fee.
If you are interested in joining us, or want more information, please contact us at the Dojo, either by phone at 310-839-8545,
by electronic mail at, or by coming to the Dojo when a class is scheduled.


Deke Keasbey, Godan
Brian Maeda, Sandan

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
8:00-9:30 PM
All Levels
Studio 5 (Deke)
7:00-8:15 PM
All Levels
Studio 5 (Brian)